Forum Guide – Traffic And More


I am sure that you have see a forum in your life. If no, i will tell you what is a forum.

Forum is a specific place that you can talk about a specific target with other members of all over the world. For example, if a forum has to do with computers, members can talk for

computer. Usually members is interested for this, that’s why!

For many years many people wants to make a forum. Its very easy! But the problems

is that many people don’t have members…. which this means no traffic. Traffic is very difficult at this situation. To have traffic you need to have useful stuff into your forum, and remember to have your forum active. Don’t let your forum go inactive. Resume your try!

Usually, when visitors see that a forum is active and have some members active, visitors wants to register. So, before you start a forum remember to tell it to your friends. Friends love suggestions from others. So, if your friends join, other visitors will see that is active.

Now lets go to some tips about advertising your forum.

  1. The best idea is to make a youtube video, advertising your forum. Many people will watch your video! So its very good try.
  2. Tell your link to your friends. Friends is the best try to start your traffic. Also other people love traffic to websites.
  3. If you are member at other forums, you can write your forum url to your signature. Always some people clicking to links 🙂
  4. Submit your url to Google. Google using your url at search results! Make sure that you have add keywords to your website!
  5. Many forums have some forum promotion sections. Witch this means that you can advertise there your forum for free!
  6. Make sure that you using your forum at Yahoo answers! For example: Question:……… Answer: Yea, i know a forum that might help you, here is the link:…… That’s very good idea of advertising your forum.
  7. Make sure that your forum has an interesting subject, and useful stuff.  Members love reading new and useful stuff.
  8. Take a paper and write the forum link to your car! 😀 Someone will see it.
  9. Use social network, like Facebook, twitter, my space and more. Many people will see your advertisement.
  10. You can have another choice. You can use Google Ad words or other advertising programs that can advertise your forum/website with some money.
So, these tactics are very useful. I hope i help you with your forum!