Internet Safe – How to Deal With Spam

Everyone hate Spam, no more Spam...Today, Tomorrow, Ever!

If you have a website or you want to start a website, before all these you need know about spam and safety. Spam is messages that is annoying and there has’t something useful. Its like non-like messages. And also the people that sending these messages usually sending these messages at huge numbers. So, before you start a website you need to know how to protect your website and how to deal with a spam message(s).

Deal With It!

First of all, if you receive a spam message (usually at a email that you don’t know) you need to do the following instructions:

  • Delete all the messages – message that you have.
  • Block the email and block the user who send you the spam.
  • Report the user.
  • Do not reply or speak to him.

Remember to follow these instructions, and you will be safe at your email.

Defend your website!

The other problem that you may have, is to protect your website from hackers/stealing. Make sure that you will follow these instructions for more safety:

  • Use a Web Hoster, usually Web Hoster can protect your website from other hackers.
  • If you have an account at a Web Hoster use a very strong password with special characters and lower-upper cases.
  • Be friendly with everyone, don’t be rude with others. This can save you.
  • Make sure that you have well protect your website with spam checkers.

    Remember to follow the safe guide before you start a website.

  • WordPress is also a good Web Hoster.
Be ready for…all
These instructions will help you very much. Make sure you will follow them and 90% you are  safe. But remember internet has many hackers and spammes, so be careful! You are never  sure for safety!