.Tk Domain Name

The Logo that using Dot.tk project.

What is about & And why i will select it?

You may have see that when you making a blog at blogger or WordPress there is an extension at the blog link. For example: http://www.tptutorials.wordpress.com. These extensions are always when you creating a blog. If you want to have your own domain name (eg. com) you must pay some money.

Better Way & No cost

But there is also a way that you can get a free domain name called .tk

These domain names have exactly the same power like .com .uk etc… but its free! So if you want to have your site/blog.

Go here: http://www.dot.tk/en/index.html?lang=en With this website you can get exactly your site/blog/forum but its like an original domain name!

How to make a .tk domain name then?

First of all, put your url from your site at the second text area – “Shorten a long web address”, then write how you want to be the new .tk url, and then you need to sign up with Facebook or yahoo or twitter and more. Fill the Anti Spam box, and then sign up with a social network. After then wait 1 minute or more until your .tk link will appear as your website you select. Congratulations! You make a second site with a free domain name!