New Website Design

For a good Success you need some work!

Whats About?

When you creating a website you need first of all ideas. The first thing that you need to know is, the target of the website. Question yourself, “Why i will create this website?”. And if you have the answer that means you can resume to the next step. Ok, now you are ready to start your website.

What i need?

First of all, you need images, articles and ideas. People love looking photos with an article, that’s why you need to have many photos into your website. Then you need to make a banner with Photoshop, because your website needs a banner/logo. Now we are moving at the first step of creating the content of the website. You need now to thing what’s the target of your website and start writing your articles. But remember your articles must teaching something the readers. That’s a rule! People love reading articles and learning something that need.

Extensions & More

The next step that you need to know is to make a menu. Menu navigating the people to other places of your site. For example you need to place at the menu, a “About” button, so people can read who are you and why you doing this.

Gadgets, also a good idea

Now you are ready to place gadgets. Gadgets are some ad-dons that especially doing something. Its like extras. And then you can get a free domain .tk and your work done!