Fake it ’til you make it!

I finally find a guide for all the new Owners of forums. Well, if you have a new forum, i am sure that you need traffic. So, there is a way that you get traffic very easy. The solution is one, fake users. Fake users help you make your forum active, and also making a good appearance.

Ok what’s secret step?

To make a fake user just register again at your own forum with another username,password & email. I recommend to make 5-6 fake users. So, once you make them, put them to discuss at something, by changing users. Remember to make a discussion with a very interesting target. It sounds a little bit crazy to replying to your own thread with other user, but believe me it works 100%. Just needs a little bit time, and resume that until you have some real members. That’s the best strategy + with others.

Suggestions & More

Remember every time you making a fake user, real users don’t have to know that you have make fake users. Because thats our target. So users will see that there some people that is interested for your ideas and discussions. That’s how you will gain real members. Keep it up and you will see the results.

 Tell it to your friends

If you have some friends tell them also that you have a Forum & also tell to them to make some fake users, so you will have more members into your Forum. This strategy makes your forum looks popular & Interesting.

 Why fake users?

Did you want to have an empty forum? That’s not a good idea. By making fake users, you can make your forum more active. That’s why you need fake members, when you starting a forum.