What you need to know when you meeting new people

The Internet are very dangerous

As you can see these years, there is many dangerous people at Internet and at Chats. You need to know some tips and tricks on how to avoid bad people at Internet.

Safety at Internet

Here is some tips that you need to know when you meeting a new friend online, at Facebook or everywhere else.

1. Never give any personal information to anyone you meet online. ( Where you living, your phone number, your birthday, dates or anything else that has to do with security informations)

2. Make sure you know everyone on your buddy list. ( Never add anyone that you don’t know at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, MSN)

3. You do not have to answer emails or IMs from people you don’t know. ( Never reply to an email that you don’t know who send it to you!)

4. Do not post personal pictures at yourself unless you are only at a friend zone. ( Don’t do it.)

5. Don’t send pictures of other people. ( Don’t send pictures to people who you don’t know, pictures like bullying or showing yourself.)

6. Don’t download content without your parents’ permission. ( There is many dangerous content at Internet!)

7. Do not share your passwords, only with your parents. ( Very dangerous!)

Remember never do something without asking your parents.