The Best Ways to Advertise you Blog!

Success at your blog!

Keep the work up, and you will see the results.

This article reefers to people that have a blog, and usually the problems, is at traffic. Well, before you start reading the guide, you need to know that, gaining traffic is very hard at starters and also its very hard especially when you starting a new blog. If you have a Forum Then you have to read my other Guide ( And also, you need to know that you need to keep your work up, because you will see results hardly. Here are the basic steps that you have to follow, to get traffic at you blog. I want also to notice that this guide does not requires any money at any step, it’s totally free. So, give it a try!

1. Making a good content at you Blog

A good content is always appreciated by guests. An interesting and good content will be very interesting to guests, because they will appreciate your work, so remember to keep an interesting and good content at your site, because that’s the first step of gaining guests and members.

2. Inviting your friends

Let your friends start your traffic! This is a very good idea, because they will share your content with other people, witch this means you will get more traffic, and more fans at you blog. That always is a good step for your project. Remember to have a good style at your site, keep it active and interesting!

3. Signature at Forums

If you have register at a forum that you like, it’s a very good idea to put your link to your blog because always someone will click at it. Always members is very interested at signature links, this will add you 20+ visitors guarantee. Remember that you don’t have to be frightened because you will be advertising your blog into a Forum, because a link at signature is allowed at the most Forums. Note: Don’t make topics at Forums with advertising your blog, because that’s not allowed at the most forums!

4. Google Url Submitting at search results

By submitting your blog URL to Google, you making easier to Google, to find your blog at search results. That means it’s easier to find someone your blog when searching something at Internet! You can submit your blog URL to Google here: Remember that you can add any URL you want!

5. Advertising your Blog at Social Network

These years Social Network is a very good advertising strategy, you can share your blog url and news, at Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and more! This takes to me 100+ visitors! It is working very well, if you share your blog url to friends and friends with your friends! This is always a good idea, of advertising you blog, but there is always the second option of paying some money for advertising. But that’s not recommended.

6. Making a YouTube Video

With many useful programs you can make very good videos that will advertise your blog at YouTube. That means you can get 100+ visitors per day! But this will only work, if you video become a little bit popular. So, again you need to have good content at your video and blog.

7. Reefer your blog URL into answers

You may know Yahoo Answers. If you are registered at Yahoo you can get the option to advertise your blog url into Yahoo Answers. For example if someone question something that you will answering this question at your blog, you can say: “Yea, i know a very good blog that may help you, URL her“. This will help you very much at visitors!

8. Get a piece of paper! (A little big funny!)

This sounds a little bit funny, but this will work! Get a piece of paper and write your blog URL at the paper, and put it into your car or at your garden, or anywhere else at your house that someone will see, you can always give it a try!

You just read my guide of getting more traffic into your blog! Just remember to keep your work up and don’t give up. I am sure that you will succeed at you blog, remember that you can also think your own ideas, of advertising free you blog.