What is a Blog? Why did I need one?

Everyone need to know this questions, and of course need to know the answer. First of all, did you starting from zero? If yes, keep reading!


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Let’s explain what is a blog. A Blog, is a specific place (which is only yours) which you can writing about a subject. For example, let’s say that you are writing about fishes. People can see your articles and read them, they can also rate them or comment them. With other words a Blog, it’s a place where you will publishing articles, ideas, about you or anything else you want. I believe that having a Blog, it’s a little bit funny. Every day many people reading your Blog and leaving comments! Well, I have to say that it’s funny because you know that people appropriated your articles, they read them. I thing it’s very creative having a Blog. Writing tutorials, articles or ideas and sharing with public, this makes your time very good.

Don’t have a Blog? What are you waiting for? Sign up at WordPress, and make an account. Then happy blogging! Remember, a Blog it’s not an extra job every day! It’s a very interesting moment.

Did you have any questions about Blog? Ask them free! Oh, I forgot, here is some related articles about Blogs:


Is Youtube a good method for Traffic?

YouTube is one of the most famous Video-Sharing Projects! Almost everyone around the Internet know Youtube. Well, if you are a blogger, it’s time to use it for your traffic. Youtube, is a very good way to get more traffic into your Blog. Making a simple video about your Blog, he can bring you a lot of visitors every day. Many people use Youtube as their “Advertising Tool”, for their Blog, and believe me it works. Before I begin teaching how Youtube, will bring you traffic, you need to know some Information’s about it. There is some related articles about YouTube from Wikipedia.

YouTube Logo

YouTube Logo

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You can find also many information’s about YouTube, at Google, because YouTube is very famous. Now, we will explain how you can work with YouTube. First of all, you need to have a movie maker. A movie maker is a program at allows you to make trailers, movies, advertisements, ads, videos and editing. More information’s can be found here. You need also to have a Google account, so you can upload your video to YouTube. Once you do it, wait 1 week. I am sure that you will have much more visitors. Make sure that you have many famous keywords into your Video about your Blog. This is another way that you can get traffic into your Blog. I believe it’s one of the most easiest ways that you can get traffic. Remember, YouTube is and will be one of the most famous Video-Sharing Projects. I believe that will help you a lot about your Blog or Business.

For any questions that you have, you can leave a comment. Also if you want to ask something private, send email here. I will reply very soon. Also, here is some related pictures about YouTube:

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Example 1

Example 4

Example 2

What’s the new Features for TP Blog?

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Did you recognize that the them at TP Tutorials changed? If yes, you are true! 22/9/11 we decided to change the theme at this Blog, because there wasn’t such a good feature at the old theme. So, I write this Post, because I want to inform everyone that at this theme there is a bunch of new features! This means, that the style of this Blog change. Here at this list you are going to read, what’s the new features, and what’s the general changes.


  • *NEW* The theme changed (22/9/11), which this means you are no more able to see the old theme. Don’t worry! This theme is more awesome, that’s why we choose this theme. There is a bunch of new features, that giving you the advantage for more education and fun. We believe that we will still changing the blog, until 26/9/11. Check every day the TP Tutorials News – Section and stay Informed for new News!
  • *NEW* Feature: Now, when you are viewing a category you will see Headers and some text. This feature, allows you to see the header and some text at many posts, so your can choose what you want to read. At the previous theme there was only all the Posts without having minimized.
  • *NEW* Many new awesome colors, baground, text style and images with the new theme! Explore our Blog and see new features.
  • *NEW* A new drop-drop down style, at the navigation menu.
New secrets and features coming out at our blog, keep yourself updated and remember that we are not writing these tutorials for us, but for you! [Back to the News Section] – [Back to Home] – [Send us Email].

Reviewing 2 Movie Makers

Windows Movie Maker

1. Example

 Welcome in this tutorial! We are going to review 2 popular Movie Makers. The first Famous Movie Maker that we are going to review is, “Windows Movie Maker”. This Movie Maker is one of the famous Movie Makers at the World! Many people using it. Now, let’s start reviewing the interface. The interface at Windows Movie maker it’s very easy. You will be working with a menu, at your Left Hand [Look at the Image 1]. You don’t have to Install Windows Movie Maker if you are using Windows as your default operating system. At my opinion Windows Movie Maker is a very good program, with plenty stuff.

Here is some Info from Wikipedia (For Windows Movie Maker):

Windows Movie Maker is a video creating/editing software application, included in Microsoft Windows Me, XP, and Vista. It contains features such as effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, andAuto Movie. New effects and transitions can be made and existing ones can be modified using XML code. Windows Movie Maker is also a basic audio track editing program. It can apply basic effects to audio tracks such as fade in or fade out. The audio tracks can then be exported in the form of a sound file instead of a video file.

The first version was available for Windows Me in 2000, followed by Windows XP in 2001, including other XP editions.

Development of Windows Movie Maker was abandoned after the release of Windows Vista; its replacement,Windows Live Movie Maker, is included with Windows Live Essentials, a free download from Windows Live; that does not have the same features as Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista is compatible with Windows 7 and recommended by video editors, although Windows Movie Maker 2.6 is a stripped down version and does not include video capture.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Movie_Maker

Example 2

2. Example

Now, once we review Windows Movie Maker, it’s time to review another good Movie Maker. It’s called “Windows Live Movie Maker”. It’s a very good Movie Maker, which there is hundreds of options. You can make infinite videos, which you can make them very awesome. I believe that Windows Live Movie Maker it’s a little bit better that Windows Movie Maker. The Interface it’s very easy, you will be using the bar at the top of the program [Look at the Image 2]. I am sure that it will help you very much. Once again, you don’t need to install it. If you are using Windows 7 (I don’t know for other operating systems), this program is already installed. Here is some Info from Wikipedia (Windows Live Movie Maker):

Windows Live Movie Maker (codename Sundance) is a video creating/editing software that is a part of Microsoft’sWindows Live initiative. It is intended to replace Windows Movie Maker that is currently included in Windows Vista. Windows Live Movie Maker is not compatible with versions of Microsoft Windows prior to Windows Vista.

Windows Live Movie Maker is a complete rewrite of the Windows Movie Maker application. Focusing on the needs of general users, the streamlined design consists largely in the reduction of features considered unimportant to general users. The program includes a redesigned ribbon interface.

Windows Live Movie Maker allows users to publish videos to Windows Live SkyDrive, Facebook,YouTube, and Flickr, as well creating HD videos. However, it has received criticism over its removal of most of the features of the older versions, particularly the timeline.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_Live_Movie_Maker

I hope we help some people that want some help about Movie Makers. For any questions, leave a comment or send us email: tpforumsfree@gmail.com

TP Tutorials now supporting ANTI-SPAM project


Million message of spam, every day!

Now TP Tutorials supporting anti-spam project. Now you can report spam websites, if you find one. Our project is based from the Google project, which by the way it’s very successful, as an anti-spam project, so we are now supporting this project. It’s simple, when you reporting a spam page, to us we will report it into Google. We are trying to do our best, because these days there are millions of spam website that every minute is created. So, please support this anti-spam project, because we thing that everyone wants to have a better future at the Internet, for a better safety!

For any questions for this project, just send us an email here: tpforumsfree@gmail.com and we will reply you very soon.

Stat’s at August-December!

It seems that August was many traffic at TP Tutorials! Although we welcome September with more tutorials at our Blog, also it seems that we are going very well this month also. Take a look at our latest picture, from our stats! Also i want to say that this is the first post at our new section, TP Tutorials News.

We are thinking about making more tutorials for new bloggers, so we will help more at this section. Also we are planning, to make more tutorials at Educational Resources And Books & Game Section. We already preparing new tutorials. Keep in touch! Updates will be soon.


Stats, August And December

Making a Support Email is always a good idea.

Support Email

Support Email (Example)

You may wonder why making a Support Email. Well, let me explain. A Support Email is exactly the same, like having an email, but you are going to use it only for your Blog – Site, for example, someone maybe has a question about your Blog – Site, where is going to send it? At your support email. That’s why you need a support email.

Ok, i want to show you another example. I have a support email called “tpforumsfree@gmail.com”, this is my support email. This means that any question that you have, you are going to send it at this specific email, but I also have my personal email, which i using it only with my family, friends, new people etc.

For any questions that you have about making a support email, you may send an email at my support email ;). I suggest making a new email at Gmail which is from Google. I don’t suggest making a new email at Hotmail or at yahoo. Gmail is always a better way of choosing a support email.