Images with nature is another option for header!


An example of a nice natural image.

Many people can’t choose what’s the best image type that they may use for their blogs, and generally for headers. I write this post, because usually Nature Images, is a better way of choosing what is the best type (Which by the way nature is my favorite). There is many reasons of choosing a Nature image, but i will reefer the basics. Usually a nature image is better for the eye. For a header, we don’t need something extremely lightly, or extremely modern. A nature image is always a better way, especially for the human eye. Trees, Forests, Lakes and any natural object at the image, is always very welcome from our eyes. I suggesting you to give it a try, just choose a nice natural image, from Google Images (Which you can find many types of them), and upload it into your blog. You will see the difference. But again, this is just an option. You can add any type of pictures you want for you Blog’s header, but as another option, i suggesting you to take a look at natural images. Remember that i really like nature images ;), so this encouraging me to write more.

Did you like natural images too? As i can see WordPress, also gives you as an option of headers, natural images, like this blog’s header. You can see that i didn’t choose these headers, just WordPress choose it. So, think about it, decide what’s the best option about a nice header, and if you like this idea, of course i help you with this post. Write a comment of what you think about Images with nature.