Making a custom menu bar.

You may wondering how to make your own main menu at the menu bar at your blog, or you may want some help on how to do it. This tutorial will show, step by step, how to make your own menu. Follow the images for more help. Let’s start.

Picture 1

Picture 1: Login Into your Account and then go into your Dashboard

First of all, you need to log in into your account, then you need to go into your Dashboard, so you will access into your blog’s administrator control panel. Follow the Picture 1 for more info. Look down at the Menu “Appearance” and click at the “Menus” button. If you can’t see it, click at the arrow behind the Appearance button, and a drop down list will appear. Now, once you clicked at the Menus, you will be redirected into the menus configurations. Click at the “+” button and give a name for your new menu. Then click at the button “Create Menu”. Once you click it you have make your first custom memu! Now follow the Picture 3 to see how to begin add thinks into your menu.

Picture 2

Picture 2: Give a name for your menu

Picture 3

Picture 3: Add what you want and then, click at the button "Add to Menu"

All right, now you have make the menu. Now you need to add thinks into your menu, because you can’t have an empty menu. So, at your left hand you will see some windows with your Pages, Custom Url, Your Categories. Tick at what you want to add into your menu, and then click “Add to Menu”. So, now configure the position of your items and then click “Save Menu”. Once you do it, now you need to save it as your custom menu. Follow the Picture 4 to see how to do it.

Picture 4

Picture 4: Select it as your Primary Navigation and Click "Save"

Scroll a little bit down and then you will look at the window “Theme Locations”. Now this step depends on what theme you have. If you have a theme that does not supporting menu bars, all of your work wont work. So, make sure to see with the Preview if your theme supports menu bar, and if ye, follow the next steps. Ok, now look at the Primary Navigation and select at the drop down list your menu, and click “Save”. Now go into your blog’s page, and…happy menu making! For any questions leave a commend and rate.