How to add Widgets.

Did you know how to add Widgets at your blog? Well, if you need some help, here is the right place to show you! First of all, you need to know some basic informations about widgets. Widgets is like Ad-Ons at your Blog, which is a bunch of code, that doing something. For example, a widget that showing you latest posts, will show the latest posts. You can find many widgets at the Internet and at WordPress. Here is an example-tutorial which you will see how add widgets. By the way, widgets its my favorite 😉

Picture 1

Picture 1: Go into your Dashboard and click at "Widgets" Button

All right lets start! First of all, go into your Dashboard and click at the “Widgets” Button. A screen to configure your widgets will appear at the screen. This is the Widget Page, there you can choose what widget you want to add or what widget to Delete. You add or delete widgets by dragging them into your Primary Widget Aria with widgets, and you can delete a widget by dragging it anywhere else, except from your Primary Widget Aria. Look at the Picture 2, to see an example.

As you can see, you can drag any Widget you

Picture 2

Picture 2: Drag a Widget that you like into your bar.

want into your Primary Widget Aeria. Note that you may see more Widget Arias, this depends on what theme you have. Now look at the Picture 3 to see the next step. Now, to save your changes that you make at a Widget, just click the button “Save”.

Picture 3

Picture 3: Editing and saving Widgets

You done it! Now go into your Blog’s page, and see what you make. Now, you have add you Widgets that you like!