Making a Support Email is always a good idea.

Support Email

Support Email (Example)

You may wonder why making a Support Email. Well, let me explain. A Support Email is exactly the same, like having an email, but you are going to use it only for your Blog – Site, for example, someone maybe has a question about your Blog – Site, where is going to send it? At your support email. That’s why you need a support email.

Ok, i want to show you another example. I have a support email called “”, this is my support email. This means that any question that you have, you are going to send it at this specific email, but I also have my personal email, which i using it only with my family, friends, new people etc.

For any questions that you have about making a support email, you may send an email at my support email ;). I suggest making a new email at Gmail which is from Google. I don’t suggest making a new email at Hotmail or at yahoo. Gmail is always a better way of choosing a support email.