Reviewing 2 Movie Makers

Windows Movie Maker

1. Example

 Welcome in this tutorial! We are going to review 2 popular Movie Makers. The first Famous Movie Maker that we are going to review is, “Windows Movie Maker”. This Movie Maker is one of the famous Movie Makers at the World! Many people using it. Now, let’s start reviewing the interface. The interface at Windows Movie maker it’s very easy. You will be working with a menu, at your Left Hand [Look at the Image 1]. You don’t have to Install Windows Movie Maker if you are using Windows as your default operating system. At my opinion Windows Movie Maker is a very good program, with plenty stuff.

Here is some Info from Wikipedia (For Windows Movie Maker):

Windows Movie Maker is a video creating/editing software application, included in Microsoft Windows Me, XP, and Vista. It contains features such as effects, transitions, titles/credits, audio track, timeline narration, andAuto Movie. New effects and transitions can be made and existing ones can be modified using XML code. Windows Movie Maker is also a basic audio track editing program. It can apply basic effects to audio tracks such as fade in or fade out. The audio tracks can then be exported in the form of a sound file instead of a video file.

The first version was available for Windows Me in 2000, followed by Windows XP in 2001, including other XP editions.

Development of Windows Movie Maker was abandoned after the release of Windows Vista; its replacement,Windows Live Movie Maker, is included with Windows Live Essentials, a free download from Windows Live; that does not have the same features as Windows Movie Maker. Windows Movie Maker 2.6 for Vista is compatible with Windows 7 and recommended by video editors, although Windows Movie Maker 2.6 is a stripped down version and does not include video capture.


Example 2

2. Example

Now, once we review Windows Movie Maker, it’s time to review another good Movie Maker. It’s called “Windows Live Movie Maker”. It’s a very good Movie Maker, which there is hundreds of options. You can make infinite videos, which you can make them very awesome. I believe that Windows Live Movie Maker it’s a little bit better that Windows Movie Maker. The Interface it’s very easy, you will be using the bar at the top of the program [Look at the Image 2]. I am sure that it will help you very much. Once again, you don’t need to install it. If you are using Windows 7 (I don’t know for other operating systems), this program is already installed. Here is some Info from Wikipedia (Windows Live Movie Maker):

Windows Live Movie Maker (codename Sundance) is a video creating/editing software that is a part of Microsoft’sWindows Live initiative. It is intended to replace Windows Movie Maker that is currently included in Windows Vista. Windows Live Movie Maker is not compatible with versions of Microsoft Windows prior to Windows Vista.

Windows Live Movie Maker is a complete rewrite of the Windows Movie Maker application. Focusing on the needs of general users, the streamlined design consists largely in the reduction of features considered unimportant to general users. The program includes a redesigned ribbon interface.

Windows Live Movie Maker allows users to publish videos to Windows Live SkyDrive, Facebook,YouTube, and Flickr, as well creating HD videos. However, it has received criticism over its removal of most of the features of the older versions, particularly the timeline.


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