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Welcome Bloggers, into another post! You may find this post unusual because I haven’t post an article like this before. I would like to tell, that this is not an article (at least), but it’s some exercises, you may want to do, to improve a better skill as a Blogger. See the following exercises, and take a pen with a piece of paper! Find what’s the right answer, search the tutorial library and check your answers. Good luck, and remember have fun!

1. Answer at the following questions, that help on how to get more traffic. Write an answer that you believe it’s the best.

a. Write 5 ways, on how to get traffic, and analyze, why these ways improving traffic.

b. Write one paragraph, and explain how to keep a blog active. • Make examples.

c. Your friend don’t know how to make a blog. Write 4-5 lines and explain to him, how to make one.

d. At the Tutorial’s list, there is a way, that you can make your forum active, with a fake way. Your friend asking you, how to take members, into his forum, you have to help him, write a short paragraph.

e. Did you need a donate button when you start a blog? If yes, explain why.

2. Answer the following questions by writing 2 or 3 lines as the answer.

a. Most famous social network is  ______  ______  ______.

b. YouTube, helps you to  ______  ______.

c. Comments in spam folder must be ______.

d.  ______ helps you to get a high ranking.

3. Write 2 paragraphs, and explain the difference about a website and a blog. At the first paragraph, write what a website has, and at the second paragraph write, about what blog does. • Here is an example, on how to begin your paragraphs:

a. Website provides you . . . . .

b. A Blog is different from a website because . . . . .

End of the exercises! Any questions about the exercises? Send one here:


Difference about Blog and Website

Have you ever question yourself, what’s the difference of having a blog or website? There are many different features between a blog and a website. It’s time to learn! You need to know that having a website, sometimes you need a blog. You will see why, read the following paragraphs and you will see why.

First of all, let’s explain what is the difference. A blog, is a place where you can post content, articles, images, videos, audio, gadgets and more. A Website, it’s exactly the same, but you don’t post, you making a page. Website, is a place where you won’t update it daily, that’s the difference between blog.

The following explains the basic differences between a blog and a website:


  • Content is regularly updated.
  • Not formal.
  • Interactive.
  • Informative and educational.
  • Interactivity about industry/customer issues.
  • Some people have a blog.


  • Content is static.
  • Formal/professional.
  • Interactivity does not exist. There is only one-way communication.
  • Transactional.
  • Communication about products and/or services.
  • Almost everyone has a website. In fact, it is almost a requirement in business today.
Informations by: http://bit.ly/r0gSPu

You need to know, what you want to make. Usually people making a website, and after a good success, it’s time for a blog. That’s the key. For any questions, feedback, suggestions and more, leave a comment. If you want to be private, send us email here, don’t forget to place the link for the related post.
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What readers need? Secret of being famous?


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Welcome to another tutorial, by tptutorials. In this tutorial I am going to show you, some secrets about what readers need. With other words, the key of being famous and bookmarked by other people. You need to have a blog, that’s the only required think, you need to have. Although at my opinion this could be a kind of easy. Read the following paragraphs to see what’s the “key”.

Let’s start, readers first of all, need to read some articles from you. Your articles must teaching something to the reader. If you don’t make an article, that will showing tips at something then, why someone what’s to read it? That’s what I talking about. You need to take the interests fro the readers. You need to teaching them. For example, when you searching a solution at a problem you have, at internet 100% you will find a solution — article, because someone write about it.

Again, you will see the key for the success is a nice content. You are not going to be famous, if you have articles with no point. You need to take the interests of everyone. You need to find what people need at our years/days.

Think about what’s your next step for your blog. Do this, and I am sure that you will find the way of being famous at the internet. As a famous blogger! If you have any questions, please send me email (tpforumsfree@gmail.com).

IMPORTANT – Comment’s Links

Dear readers,

These days we receiving many spam comments, into our spam folder. We decided that we won’t publish them again, because it’s spam, and the links at comments are harmful. We delete all these comments, and we will posting these comments, with no links. Please do NOT advertise here. We are thinking about an advertising section but it’s not surely yet. So, please pay attention at these new rules:

  1. It’s Illegal posting comment Spam, with online betting sites or harmful links, these comments will be no more published.
  2. Questions about something that is already answered at another post, we won’t reply.
  3. We will reporting betting sites and harmful sites, into Google anti spam project.
  4. DO NOT advertise here, this is not a place for “Free Advertising”.
  5. DO NOT make questions, by writing a comment. There is a support email for questions.
  6. Again, spam comments won’t be published. Will be deleted.

—Rules from Administration of TP Tutorials. For any questions: tpforumsfree@gmail.com

Did you know these informations about Links and Guests?

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Welcome to another tutorial. With this tutorial, you are going to learn about links and Guests. This will help you very much about keeping your readers, into your Blog, because always you can lost readers by links that you have insert into your post. Make sure that you will read the entire post, so you will learn more about these!

First of all, you need to know that links, will transfer the reader into a new page. With this you can lost  your reader. So, the following lines will show you how to use links, correctly. Many people doing this mistake!

As we said before, links is a word that transfer the reader into a new page. If you don’t choose the option “Open in a new tab”, the reader will click at the link, and the link will appear under your Blog. The result, is that you will lost your reader, but the reader must press the “Back” button, to go back into your Blog. This button won’t be clicked by everyone. So, for example click here. This link will transfer you into Google homepage. Did you see the difference? The link open into a new tab, so the Blog page, is still open. This is a very good way to use links correctly!

For any questions leave a comment, I will reply you very soon.

Why Google Chrome is better that everything?

Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome Logo

Did you need a faster browser, for surfing faster at the Internet? This is the right post. Keep reading! I have a very good suggestion to everyone that I am sure that will help you very much. Not only for faster surfing at Interet, but it will help you with security informations and for you businesses.

Introduction to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a Web Browser, which is made from Google, and it’s the best browser that anything else. It was made exactly for a better surfing speed at Internet. I suggesting Google Chrome because it will he you a lot. I also using Google Chrome, and I have to say that is very good.

Big advantages with Google Chrome

Google Chrome has many extensions that will help you a lot. From where I can start? There is many of them, which you will learn them by just, taking a look at the menus. Google Chrome also have a better security. You can make private search, which this means you are searching private. Now-one can see you. When you registering at a Forum, Game, Site, Blog or anything else, it provides you a very good security. Remember, Google Chrome also fits better with Google Products. Make sure to check out the Features page.

A lot’s of more advantages!

What do you waiting for? Download Google Chrome! Discover many other advantages and surf without lag or anything else, that is annoying with other Web Browsers. I am sure that you will love Google Chrome. Make sure you will check this page so you can get started with Google Chrome.

Did you need high ranking at Google?



Many people get satisfied, with their Blog, because they don’t have a high ranking at Google. Well, don’t be! There is many ways to get at the top! First of all, don’t be sad, for a high ranking at Google or anywhere else, you need time. Remember, high ranking means that you need to have traffic. Traffic=high ranking. Google selects sites at the top, because they have tons of traffic every day.

You need first to learn how to have traffic at your Blog, but with another way. So, the answer is Tags. Tags is keywords. Which this means if I have put a keyword at this post (ex. traffic), if you go and search at Google “traffic”, it’s possible to find this post. That’s why you need keywords (tags). This will help you very much at your ranking at Google. Remember traffic needs time.

If you want a high ranking you need traffic. That’s why there is the order “High ranking”. Because the sites that is the first at ranking, means that there have many traffic.