Did you know these informations about Links and Guests?

An example image.

Welcome to another tutorial. With this tutorial, you are going to learn about links and Guests. This will help you very much about keeping your readers, into your Blog, because always you can lost readers by links that you have insert into your post. Make sure that you will read the entire post, so you will learn more about these!

First of all, you need to know that links, will transfer the reader into a new page. With this you can lost  your reader. So, the following lines will show you how to use links, correctly. Many people doing this mistake!

As we said before, links is a word that transfer the reader into a new page. If you don’t choose the option “Open in a new tab”, the reader will click at the link, and the link will appear under your Blog. The result, is that you will lost your reader, but the reader must press the “Back” button, to go back into your Blog. This button won’t be clicked by everyone. So, for example click here. This link will transfer you into Google homepage. Did you see the difference? The link open into a new tab, so the Blog page, is still open. This is a very good way to use links correctly!

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