IMPORTANT – Comment’s Links

Dear readers,

These days we receiving many spam comments, into our spam folder. We decided that we won’t publish them again, because it’s spam, and the links at comments are harmful. We delete all these comments, and we will posting these comments, with no links. Please do NOT advertise here. We are thinking about an advertising section but it’s not surely yet. So, please pay attention at these new rules:

  1. It’s Illegal posting comment Spam, with online betting sites or harmful links, these comments will be no more published.
  2. Questions about something that is already answered at another post, we won’t reply.
  3. We will reporting betting sites and harmful sites, into Google anti spam project.
  4. DO NOT advertise here, this is not a place for “Free Advertising”.
  5. DO NOT make questions, by writing a comment. There is a support email for questions.
  6. Again, spam comments won’t be published. Will be deleted.

—Rules from Administration of TP Tutorials. For any questions:


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