Exercises, for your Blog!

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Welcome Bloggers, into another post! You may find this post unusual because I haven’t post an article like this before. I would like to tell, that this is not an article (at least), but it’s some exercises, you may want to do, to improve a better skill as a Blogger. See the following exercises, and take a pen with a piece of paper! Find what’s the right answer, search the tutorial library and check your answers. Good luck, and remember have fun!

1. Answer at the following questions, that help on how to get more traffic. Write an answer that you believe it’s the best.

a. Write 5 ways, on how to get traffic, and analyze, why these ways improving traffic.

b. Write one paragraph, and explain how to keep a blog active. • Make examples.

c. Your friend don’t know how to make a blog. Write 4-5 lines and explain to him, how to make one.

d. At the Tutorial’s list, there is a way, that you can make your forum active, with a fake way. Your friend asking you, how to take members, into his forum, you have to help him, write a short paragraph.

e. Did you need a donate button when you start a blog? If yes, explain why.

2. Answer the following questions by writing 2 or 3 lines as the answer.

a. Most famous social network is  ______  ______  ______.

b. YouTube, helps you to  ______  ______.

c. Comments in spam folder must be ______.

d.  ______ helps you to get a high ranking.

3. Write 2 paragraphs, and explain the difference about a website and a blog. At the first paragraph, write what a website has, and at the second paragraph write, about what blog does. • Here is an example, on how to begin your paragraphs:

a. Website provides you . . . . .

b. A Blog is different from a website because . . . . .

End of the exercises! Any questions about the exercises? Send one here: