Short your links, it will save you.

Whenever you want to post a link into your post, I am sure that you don’t want to be a very long link.  Of course long links doesn’t fits well with posts. In this particular post, I will show you what’s the answer for this big problem.

Let’s say that you have a long link founded, and you want to include it into your post. You need to shrink it, because it fits better, and people can remeber this shorten link. Let’s first explain what’s a shorten link. A shorten link, it’s a link that usually it’s very small, and redirects you into another url. In other words it’s a «Mask», that redirects you into a very big link (usually). This help’s alot because you can remember it very easy. You can find these services whenever you ¹search at Google.

search: You can usually search at internet “shorten links”, and you will find many services.