How to make a Localhost Area

Have you ever hear about Localhost? If no, it’s time to learn it. Localhost is a very useful hosting area where you can test your projects like html, php, java etc. With other words, it’s a local offline area where you can put your folders with your source files to test them before publishing.

To do this, you need to install a program called XAAMP. Once you download the .exe file you can run the installation. When your XAAMP is installed you can now open the shortcut on your desktop to start working with your localhost area.

Once you are done with the installation you can now type into the url bar “localhost”. If everything works fine you will be into the offline XAAMP page. Now, there is some very basic things you need to know.

phpmyadmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin/): a local database to store values and data for your projects.

Stats (http://localhost/xampp/): stats about localhost.

FileZilla FTP (http://localhost/xampp/): an extension that allows you to transfer files into your online server.

Now you can start hosting files into localhost. To do this simply, just drag or make files into [system folder]:\xaamp\htdocs\

Now, to see your local files, just write into the url bar of your browser localhost/[yourfoldername]/[file]

Good job! Now you have made your very first local area!