Short your links, it will save you.

Whenever you want to post a link into your post, I am sure that you don’t want to be a very long link.  Of course long links doesn’t fits well with posts. In this particular post, I will show you what’s the answer for this big problem.

Let’s say that you have a long link founded, and you want to include it into your post. You need to shrink it, because it fits better, and people can remeber this shorten link. Let’s first explain what’s a shorten link. A shorten link, it’s a link that usually it’s very small, and redirects you into another url. In other words it’s a «Mask», that redirects you into a very big link (usually). This help’s alot because you can remember it very easy. You can find these services whenever you ¹search at Google.

search: You can usually search at internet “shorten links”, and you will find many services.


Why Google Chrome is better that everything?

Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome Logo

Did you need a faster browser, for surfing faster at the Internet? This is the right post. Keep reading! I have a very good suggestion to everyone that I am sure that will help you very much. Not only for faster surfing at Interet, but it will help you with security informations and for you businesses.

Introduction to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a Web Browser, which is made from Google, and it’s the best browser that anything else. It was made exactly for a better surfing speed at Internet. I suggesting Google Chrome because it will he you a lot. I also using Google Chrome, and I have to say that is very good.

Big advantages with Google Chrome

Google Chrome has many extensions that will help you a lot. From where I can start? There is many of them, which you will learn them by just, taking a look at the menus. Google Chrome also have a better security. You can make private search, which this means you are searching private. Now-one can see you. When you registering at a Forum, Game, Site, Blog or anything else, it provides you a very good security. Remember, Google Chrome also fits better with Google Products. Make sure to check out the Features page.

A lot’s of more advantages!

What do you waiting for? Download Google Chrome! Discover many other advantages and surf without lag or anything else, that is annoying with other Web Browsers. I am sure that you will love Google Chrome. Make sure you will check this page so you can get started with Google Chrome.

Books Sites

What you will learn?

We will show you some useful sites, that you can download or buy educational books, or even search a book that you like. You can find books that is free, but you can find books that you must buy them. These sites are suggested for you.

Book Sites

Suggestions from John Paravantis:

1. Google Books
Description: Google Books includes a large number of books and it allows you to see random pages online. Sometimes you can see a big percentage of the book. There exists a small number of books that are free – these you can read online or even download.

2. Library.NU
Description: Another site that you can find many books. You can download ANY book you want for free. Warning: Since it is illegal to download a commercial book, it is a good idea to buy any books that you like.

3. Avaxhome.WS
Description: Same as Library.NU

Suggestions from Thanos Paravantis:

4. FreeBookSpot
Description: You can also download free books. Its also a very good site.

Description: Download/Prevew/Buy books. Also a good site.

Results & More

That’s the sites that we suggesting you, for any questions leave a comment, or send us email( or you can also send us you own suggestion about a site with book resource.

Suggestions by: Thanos Paravantis & John Paravantis (From University Of Pireas, Greece)