New Mobile Theme: Minileven

New Mobile Theme: Minileven.

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Exercises, for your Blog!

Books And pen

Example image, that fits with this post

Welcome Bloggers, into another post! You may find this post unusual because I haven’t post an article like this before. I would like to tell, that this is not an article (at least), but it’s some exercises, you may want to do, to improve a better skill as a Blogger. See the following exercises, and take a pen with a piece of paper! Find what’s the right answer, search the tutorial library and check your answers. Good luck, and remember have fun!

1. Answer at the following questions, that help on how to get more traffic. Write an answer that you believe it’s the best.

a. Write 5 ways, on how to get traffic, and analyze, why these ways improving traffic.

b. Write one paragraph, and explain how to keep a blog active. • Make examples.

c. Your friend don’t know how to make a blog. Write 4-5 lines and explain to him, how to make one.

d. At the Tutorial’s list, there is a way, that you can make your forum active, with a fake way. Your friend asking you, how to take members, into his forum, you have to help him, write a short paragraph.

e. Did you need a donate button when you start a blog? If yes, explain why.

2. Answer the following questions by writing 2 or 3 lines as the answer.

a. Most famous social network is  ______  ______  ______.

b. YouTube, helps you to  ______  ______.

c. Comments in spam folder must be ______.

d.  ______ helps you to get a high ranking.

3. Write 2 paragraphs, and explain the difference about a website and a blog. At the first paragraph, write what a website has, and at the second paragraph write, about what blog does. • Here is an example, on how to begin your paragraphs:

a. Website provides you . . . . .

b. A Blog is different from a website because . . . . .

End of the exercises! Any questions about the exercises? Send one here:

Did you know these informations about Links and Guests?

An example image.

Welcome to another tutorial. With this tutorial, you are going to learn about links and Guests. This will help you very much about keeping your readers, into your Blog, because always you can lost readers by links that you have insert into your post. Make sure that you will read the entire post, so you will learn more about these!

First of all, you need to know that links, will transfer the reader into a new page. With this you can lost  your reader. So, the following lines will show you how to use links, correctly. Many people doing this mistake!

As we said before, links is a word that transfer the reader into a new page. If you don’t choose the option “Open in a new tab”, the reader will click at the link, and the link will appear under your Blog. The result, is that you will lost your reader, but the reader must press the “Back” button, to go back into your Blog. This button won’t be clicked by everyone. So, for example click here. This link will transfer you into Google homepage. Did you see the difference? The link open into a new tab, so the Blog page, is still open. This is a very good way to use links correctly!

For any questions leave a comment, I will reply you very soon.

Why Google Chrome is better that everything?

Google Chrome Logo

Google Chrome Logo

Did you need a faster browser, for surfing faster at the Internet? This is the right post. Keep reading! I have a very good suggestion to everyone that I am sure that will help you very much. Not only for faster surfing at Interet, but it will help you with security informations and for you businesses.

Introduction to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a Web Browser, which is made from Google, and it’s the best browser that anything else. It was made exactly for a better surfing speed at Internet. I suggesting Google Chrome because it will he you a lot. I also using Google Chrome, and I have to say that is very good.

Big advantages with Google Chrome

Google Chrome has many extensions that will help you a lot. From where I can start? There is many of them, which you will learn them by just, taking a look at the menus. Google Chrome also have a better security. You can make private search, which this means you are searching private. Now-one can see you. When you registering at a Forum, Game, Site, Blog or anything else, it provides you a very good security. Remember, Google Chrome also fits better with Google Products. Make sure to check out the Features page.

A lot’s of more advantages!

What do you waiting for? Download Google Chrome! Discover many other advantages and surf without lag or anything else, that is annoying with other Web Browsers. I am sure that you will love Google Chrome. Make sure you will check this page so you can get started with Google Chrome.

Internet For Dummies – Introduction

An Internet Example

How Internet is, just an example!

Sometime in the mid 1960′s, during the Cold War, it became apparent that there was a need for a bombproof communications system. A concept was devised to link computers together throughout the country. With such a system in place large sections of the country could be nuked and messages could still get through.

In the beginning, only government “think tanks” and a few universities were linked. Basically the Internet was an emergency military communications system operated by the Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). The whole operation was referred to as ARPANET.

In time, ARPANET computers were installed at every university in the United States that had defense related funding. Gradually, the Internet had gone from a military pipeline to a communications tool for scientists. As more scholars came online, the administration of the system transferred from ARPA to the National Science Foundation.

Years later, businesses began using the Internet and the administrative responsibilities were once again transferred.

At this time no one party “operates” the Internet, there are several entities that “oversee” the system and the protocols that are involved.

The speed of the Internet has changed the way people receive information. It combines the immediacy of broadcast with the in-depth coverage of newspapers…making it a perfect source for news and weather information.

According to a December 2009 Pew survey, 74% of American adults (ages 18 and older) use the internet .  60% of American adults use broadband connections at home. And 55% of American adults connect to the internet wirelessly, either through a WiFi or WiMax connection via their laptops or through their handheld device like a smart phone.

 Source: Internet101 (See More:

How to Use the Internet

Today, almost everyone use the Google Search Engine, because it is nice, fast and useful. A search engine essentially is big servers somwhere on the Internet that allow you to locate something that has been mentioned somewhere on the Internet. Come on, put at your url bar and search anything. You will see that you will find many results. These results are the Webpages that Google Found with keywords. Keywords are specific words at a Webpage that Google uses to find what you want. A Webpage is an Internet “page” that has a specific content. There are many search engines that you can find around the Internet.

*Google: Google is just the name of a popular Search Engine.

Forum Guide – Traffic And More


I am sure that you have see a forum in your life. If no, i will tell you what is a forum.

Forum is a specific place that you can talk about a specific target with other members of all over the world. For example, if a forum has to do with computers, members can talk for

computer. Usually members is interested for this, that’s why!

For many years many people wants to make a forum. Its very easy! But the problems

is that many people don’t have members…. which this means no traffic. Traffic is very difficult at this situation. To have traffic you need to have useful stuff into your forum, and remember to have your forum active. Don’t let your forum go inactive. Resume your try!

Usually, when visitors see that a forum is active and have some members active, visitors wants to register. So, before you start a forum remember to tell it to your friends. Friends love suggestions from others. So, if your friends join, other visitors will see that is active.

Now lets go to some tips about advertising your forum.

  1. The best idea is to make a youtube video, advertising your forum. Many people will watch your video! So its very good try.
  2. Tell your link to your friends. Friends is the best try to start your traffic. Also other people love traffic to websites.
  3. If you are member at other forums, you can write your forum url to your signature. Always some people clicking to links 🙂
  4. Submit your url to Google. Google using your url at search results! Make sure that you have add keywords to your website!
  5. Many forums have some forum promotion sections. Witch this means that you can advertise there your forum for free!
  6. Make sure that you using your forum at Yahoo answers! For example: Question:……… Answer: Yea, i know a forum that might help you, here is the link:…… That’s very good idea of advertising your forum.
  7. Make sure that your forum has an interesting subject, and useful stuff.  Members love reading new and useful stuff.
  8. Take a paper and write the forum link to your car! 😀 Someone will see it.
  9. Use social network, like Facebook, twitter, my space and more. Many people will see your advertisement.
  10. You can have another choice. You can use Google Ad words or other advertising programs that can advertise your forum/website with some money.
So, these tactics are very useful. I hope i help you with your forum!