Getting started with a Blog!

Many people want to create blogs, for a specific category. For example they want to write about their family or about his job, even for events and more. Well, at this tutorial we are going to show you how to start your own WordPress Blog. Here is the guide that you may follow to make a blog.

Image 1
Picture 1 → entering the WordPress site url.

First of all, go to, this is the starting page of WordPress site, at your left hand you will see a big button “Get Started

Image 2

Picture 2 → Sign Up Page.

Here”, click at it and then you will be redirected to the sign up page. This is the picture of the sign up page, so, fill all the required informations at registration and then you are ready to start your blog! See Picture 3 as an example of filling the registration required fields. Remember to choose username and blog address that is not used (WordPress will notice to your behind if a name is used or is available).

Picture 3

Picture 3 → Filling Registration Forms

Ok, once you fill all the fields follow the Picture 4, click at the big Sign Up button. Remember to choose what language you will use at your blog, when you make it. Also, if want to know what’s the fascinating terms of service, you can click at the linked text behind the Sign Up button, this is very important because many blogs have close because they brake the fascinating terms of service. So, its important to know what is legal and what’s not. Follow the Picture 4 and then we are going into the last step.

Picture 4

Picture 4 → Clicking at the Sign Up button

Now, you may need to login into your new account with your username and with your password, that you choose at the registration. Then you are ready to start your blog! To see your blog, just simple you will see a black bar at the top of the page, click at the button “Blog ▼” and you will be redirected into your Blog, to go into your admin page again, go your cursor again under the button “Blog ▼” and select at the drop down list “Dashboard”. Now at you admin page, simple start adding widgets, posts, menus and more!

Picture 5

Picture 5 → You are logged in into your Dashboard!

Now you are ready to discover new tools and upgrades, for any questions ask the WordPress forum: and ask everything you want! You can also check my other Categories at my Blog here, to see more strategies about making a better Blog. If you can’t find where is the button to register your new blog just go here:

You can also find everything else you want here:


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