New Mobile Theme: Minileven

New Mobile Theme: Minileven.

A new theme available, which is very cool at my opinion! Very well designed and a very good style. This theme is very good. Check it out!


What’s the new Features for TP Blog?

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Did you recognize that the them at TP Tutorials changed? If yes, you are true! 22/9/11 we decided to change the theme at this Blog, because there wasn’t such a good feature at the old theme. So, I write this Post, because I want to inform everyone that at this theme there is a bunch of new features! This means, that the style of this Blog change. Here at this list you are going to read, what’s the new features, and what’s the general changes.


  • *NEW* The theme changed (22/9/11), which this means you are no more able to see the old theme. Don’t worry! This theme is more awesome, that’s why we choose this theme. There is a bunch of new features, that giving you the advantage for more education and fun. We believe that we will still changing the blog, until 26/9/11. Check every day the TP Tutorials News – Section and stay Informed for new News!
  • *NEW* Feature: Now, when you are viewing a category you will see Headers and some text. This feature, allows you to see the header and some text at many posts, so your can choose what you want to read. At the previous theme there was only all the Posts without having minimized.
  • *NEW* Many new awesome colors, baground, text style and images with the new theme! Explore our Blog and see new features.
  • *NEW* A new drop-drop down style, at the navigation menu.
New secrets and features coming out at our blog, keep yourself updated and remember that we are not writing these tutorials for us, but for you! [Back to the News Section] – [Back to Home] – [Send us Email].