Facebook and Twitter the best result

Have you ever think about what’s the best social media? Facebook, Twitter? What will be the best? In this tutorial, I am going to teach you, some basic informations about Facebook and Twitter. This will help you, to provide more traffic into your Blog – Website. I have already an article like this, but I am going to explain more about this.

Facebook is a very good way, to inform people, about your “services”. Like tutorials or your Blog. You may need to make a page at Facebook. This will help you very much, about your traffic and being more famous. Moreover, you may reffer your Blog into your original account at Facebook. Many people will see it. Just make sure you will content a link and will be public.

Twitter is the same concept. You can contact quicky with your followers or people that you follow. The only disadvantage is that you can’t make a page at Twitter. I am sure that you will have a good amount of traffic if you keep your readers updated with Twitter and Facebook!

Facebook + Twitter

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Did you need high ranking at Google?



Many people get satisfied, with their Blog, because they don’t have a high ranking at Google. Well, don’t be! There is many ways to get at the top! First of all, don’t be sad, for a high ranking at Google or anywhere else, you need time. Remember, high ranking means that you need to have traffic. Traffic=high ranking. Google selects sites at the top, because they have tons of traffic every day.

You need first to learn how to have traffic at your Blog, but with another way. So, the answer is Tags. Tags is keywords. Which this means if I have put a keyword at this post (ex. traffic), if you go and search at Google “traffic”, it’s possible to find this post. That’s why you need keywords (tags). This will help you very much at your ranking at Google. Remember traffic needs time.

If you want a high ranking you need traffic. That’s why there is the order “High ranking”. Because the sites that is the first at ranking, means that there have many traffic.

The best ideas to keep your Blog Active!

Blog Active

Did you love blogging? An example.

You may wondering what’s the best ideas of keeping your Blog Active, in this tutorial, you will read how to keep your blog active, and some tips, of how to make your blog better. Let’s start then!

The First Think that you need to know at an active Blog, is to keep you content updated. A nice looking blog, is always very cool, at guests. Also remember to keep adding more features at your Blog, people love new stuff and anything new at a famous and active Blog! The second step that you need to follow to make your blog looks more active, is to adding more posts, like the WordPress system, which this making your Blog looks active and updating. An inactive blog, witch you don’t posting new content, is always very boring, or it looks like a Blog that now-one wont’s. The third thing that you need to know for an active blog, is to keep updating your Subscribers, tell them for your new stuff, keep them updated! This action is very welcome by Subscribers. Fourth, you need to replying into any question that a guest or subscriber tell you, this looks very active!

Keep Updating

An image example, of keep updating!

Keep these informations, about activity at your mind and try to use them for your blog, this will be very useful at your blog, and remember that always you can gain visitors and new subscribers with activity. Because….“Activity Creates Activity!”

Website Guide – Marketing Begginers


All right, first of all that you very much that you reading this article. I think you are a beginner right? If yes, this article is the right think that you must see.

Well, lets start!
Websites usually created for a reason. Websites are not for fun, people love reading something new and helpful. Also websites are the best places to write your own articles and share with others your interests, photos, news etc.
Today there is many people that need help with this. The first think that you need to know is, that never start a blog without having some traffic. I mean, don’t let your site be inactive. That’s the key word that you need to know. Many websites failed these years because some new people don’t know how to use them, or what to do with them. That’s why you reading this right?
The first think that you need to know before you start a website, is to have a target of it. You can’t start a website without have think before what will be the target. Usually some beginners creating a website and then thinking what to write, that’s false!
Remember, a nice and popular website is always difficult to become! Traffic needs time, and traffic is what you need. Let’s go now to the hot stuff that you need to know.
A website needs articles, icons, source and a forum (usually!) Needs to be friendly, interesting and active. That’s the three thinks that you need to know! Remember icons is very good for attracting people to read them.
Articles are very useful for sharing stuff you know with others. That’s why articles are very useful for other people.
The target of articles must be interesting and good. Think about it before you start writing. Its the best strategy. Remember to tell it to your friends when you have stuff and articles at your website, so will attract more people to yours. That always works! Do not leave your try!